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      1. 非常高興得知王強在準備高考,並鼓勵他一定能克服各種困難取得好成績(jì)。

      2. 告訴他你將去無(wú)錫旅游,你將乘火車(chē)于5月1日早晨6點(diǎn)到達,請他接站,并請他幫你安排1至4日的住宿(旅館最好靠近市中心,房間可以小一些,但不要太貴)。

      3. 此外,你還要他幫你訂5日返回上海的火車(chē)票。

      Dear Wang Qiang,

      I'm glad to learn that you are busy preparing for college entrance exams. Where there is a strong will, there is a success. I am sure that you will overcome all kinds of difficulties in your study

      I'm planning to go to Wuxi and look around in the city for a few days. I'll take the train and arrive at 6 o'clock a.m. on May 1st. Will you please come and meet me at the station? I'm going to stay in Wuxi till May 4th. Please help me book a hotel room. I hope to stay in a hotel around the downtown area but the price shouldn't be very high. I don't mind if the room is small. Another thing. Can you book a ticket for me back to Shanghai on 4th?

    All the best,



      你(Li Yuan)的朋友(Jack)邀請你暑期到他家鄉農村去度假。寫(xiě)封信委婉拒絕。


      Dear Jack,

      Thank you so much for your warmhearted invitation of spending my summer vocation at your hometown, a quiet and beautiful country. I have been waiting for it so long. But, unfortunately, I have to go back my own hometown, a hot and noisy city, for my sister just got an admission from a university and she is preparing for it. As an elder brother, I must help her in both mental and physical ways.

      So sorry for missing the good chance to join you at your home. Next year, we will spend summer together, our summer.

      Send my greetings to your parents, please. I'll visit them next year.

      Take care !


      你(Li Yuan)剛買(mǎi)了一塊表,但你不滿(mǎn)意,因為它總有毛病。寫(xiě)一封抱怨信。


      To Whom It May Concern:

      Three days ago, I just got the watch I ordered from your store. You sent it on time and thanks for that. But I found several problems. First, the color is not what I wanted. I wanted golden, but you gave me silver instead. I thought that would be OK, if everything else is good enough. The stranger thing happens. The watch gets five minutes slower every day, so I have to keep correcting it. Because of this, I feel nervous about being late for work. I really cannot stand it any longer. So I have to write this letter to request giving the watch back to you and full money back to me.

      Along with the letter is the copy of the order.

      Thank you. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Li Yuan


      Dear Martin,

      I am looking forward to your visit. Just think, after all these years of writing to each other, we will finally have the chance to meet! However, I am sorry that I will not be able to meet you at the airport as soon as you arrive.

      The reason is that your flight will arrive early in the morning, and the earliest I can get To the airport will be about an hour after you land 。Please wait for me in the arrival lounge. You should be able to have breakfast there while you wait.

      By the way, as we have never met I must tell you how to recognize me. I am of medium height and have a small moustache. In addition, I will be carrying a copy of the morning newspaper tucked under my left arm.

      Looking forward to our meeting.

      Yours sincerely,

      Li Ming




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